Blog post #2 current favourite artist



This painting is taken by a photographer Malak is personally close with. The photographers name is Sarah Saab. This is Malaks current favourite artist now because of the settings many of the photographs are taken in. Most of the photographs Sarah snaps are showing the beauty of Beirut, Lebanon. This photograph shows the beautiful natural landmark called the Pigeons’ Rock located in Beirut.

An element shown in this photograph is mass/volume. Mass is clearly indicated in this photograph though the rock. The rock looks solid, bulky, large, hard, and heavy (Fox & Schirrmacher, 2015)



My current favourite artist is Jim Dine, because he reveals a real object within a painting, which then evokes a confusion on “what’s real and what’s art”. His unique way of painting captures my interest because it illustrates to his viewers how real painting can be and how accurate a situation can be sculptured.

Victoria arttt.jpg

Victoria’s current favourite artist is her uncle, Quang Ta. He is the first person who inspired her to explore her creativity and self-expression through art. Her uncle prefers to use acrylic paint and begins by using a pencil to sketch his idea onto the canvas. Afterwards, he chooses a colour palette and starts painting. This painting was given to her family more than 10 years ago and holds sentimental value. It is based on a toy bear in real life. Since the toy bear was against a mirror, he took care to paint its reflection. He also included shadows to make it more realistic.

Sarah Maggie


Sarah Maggie’s favorite photographer is her mother, Monica El’Lithy. Most of the photographs that Monica takes showcase the beauty of the simplest objects including highlighting color and contrasting the elements in the work that allow the audience to see the colors in her photography. Monica is a retired portrait artist that spends her spare time taking smaller pictures of nature to add the element of shape. She inspired Sarah to start to photograph and notice lines and color of the buildings and nature around her. 




This painting was taken by Lora Zombie who is an artist from Russia. She is a self taught artist who gained recognition in the late 2000s from having her work posted online where it was circulated through blogs and other social media platforms. I choose this artist because I love her work because of the way she uses the water colours. Most of her images uses vibrant colours, and then have the painting be a little faded at the end. It is quite interesting the way she uses the fading of colours to represent the meaning of the image. For example this image here portrays the idea of a couple happy and together then the contrasting picture of them separate. The use of the fade in colour represent the meaning of each image. The first image shows that they are burning meaning they were the perfect “match”. While on the other hand the second image shows that they burnt meaning they “burn out”.



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