Post 8: Sculpture

By: Shazmara

When creating this sculpture the artist was unsure of the final product they wanted to produce. However when creating the sculpture the artist attatched the papers together to make the sculpture more thicker. Then the following week when the sculpture was done,  the sculpture displayed the idea of a worm or a caterpillar. Therefore they decided to make my finger puppet a caterpillar. To do this the artist mixed greens to make a slimy green and then added two black dots to make eyes. One element of art in this sculpture would be colour. Only two colours were used which were green and black to represent the true reailty of how a caterpillar looks. The importance of breaking things down into stages made me realize you must have a pre-idea of what you want to construct because it was a two week processs. This process approach is important for young children because it is a step by step process of making this product, and children should have the ability to construct an idea of what they want to create because they cannot eailsy erase and go back and fix it because they are not using materials such as pencils and erasers.


Creating the puppets is a great experience and Malak thinks many children will love it. However, the process is important because if not done correctly it might not turn out the way you want it to be. For example, when attaching the papers together, one should remember to put on the top of the finger, for the puppet to have a head. This sculpture has a more complicated procedure I would say and requires extra attention and educators should scaffold children carefully though the process.



In my sculpture I coloured it entirely green and put black eyes on it to make it look like a caterpillar. To create my sculpture I used double coating fabric, so that it won’t look flat.


This horse puppet was made by dipping strips of plaster in water and layering it. First, the index finger was covered. The horse’s head was made by folding a piece of plaster into a rectangle and adding it to the fingertip, placing triangle pieces on either side, and placing a long strip to secure it. The ears were made with small triangles and water was used to smooth the plaster. Once it was dry, black acrylic paint was used to paint the head, ears, and mane. Lastly, white paint was used to paint a diamond on the forehead and a black fine tip marker was used to draw the eyes.

Sarah Maggie

The toy doll themed puppet was firstly made through dipping strips of plaster into water and layering it. It is important to note to wear Vaseline on your finger including to have fun and be creative with the design of the finger puppet. Painting is also a learning experience as children learn to explore mixing colors including making 3D figures that connect to curriculum. The process is important as children need this to learn that art is a process which also relates to how children can learn turn taking by having patience and time managing this project through the week that can spark future interest into sculpting. All parts of this activity works on fine motor skills like placing the plaster on your index finger.


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