The intent of this portfolio is to inspire and incorporate art into the ECE curriculum. This portfolio is a future reference for the members of the group but also a personal reflection on the content of the art and creative development course including giving feedback to each other on the creative process and resources that were found.

About the Authors

Sarah Maggie El’Lithy

My name is Sarah Maggie El’Lithy. I am a second year student at Ryerson University in the ECS program. I have an interest in music and emotional development and hope to incorporate both with my new found confidence in art activities.

Victoria Doan

My name is Victoria Doan. I love all modes of art but especially enjoy drawing traditionally on paper. In my creative arts class, I have also come to like working with pastels, watercolour, and plaster! I wish to share my love for art with children and help them make their own creations!

Abira Sinnarajah

My name is Abira Sinnarajah. I am a student in the ECS program at Ryerson University. This year I took creative arts and learned more than I knew including how to help children developmentally.

Shazmara Synon

My name is Shazmara Synon and I am aspiring to be a teacher. I hope to go to teachers college after completing my undergrad at Ryerson university. After being in this class I have learned I have interest in painting with water and pastels.

Malak Hazime

My name is Malak Hazime. I enjoy painting and working with children and I am a second year student in the ECS program at Ryerson University.